Certificate II Aviation Course for Flight Operations

Do you have your heart set on pursuing a great career in aviation? Perhaps you aspire to one day work as a flight attendant travelling to all sorts of places and actually getting paid for it? The work of a glamorous flight attendant is hardly ever a dull one as it exposes people to a diversity of places, languages and culture. It’s a career path full of opportunities and flight attendants in particular get to enjoy a number of great perks all over the world which includes travel and accommodation discounts, rental discounts and other freebies.

Of course to qualify for such a job you’ll need a course background that’ll provide you with all the knowledge and skills that domestic and international airlines require and expect out of their employees. Our online course on Certificate II for Aviation (Flight operations) can offer you just that!

 Graduates of the online course can look forward to a wealth of career possibilities which includes:

  • Airport check in services
  • Airline cabin crew
  • Airline administration assistant
  • Aircraft cargo operations
  • Airline catering services
  • Airline marketing and customer service
  • Airline logistics
  • Aircraft maintenance

How can students access the course?

Check out a thorough demonstration of the online course to know exactly what to expect out of the course from start to finish.

Course completion

Completing the online course generally takes 3 months to 1 year and it all depends on how the amount of time that you can allocate for it in a week. Students are granted a nationally recognised Certificate II in Aviation for Flight Operations. Our online courses are developed in cooperation with the registered training organisation 31190 and are aimed at providing one of the best most comprehensive e-learning experiences available online.

In order to enrol for the course, students must have already completed a total of 14 units from two pre-requisite courses – 7 units from Certificate II (Stream) and another 7 units from the Certificate I in aviation (Foundation Skills) course.