How long can I expect to complete the course?

Our Flight Attendant and Cabin Crew course is a fairly short one and should take about 10 to 15 hours to complete this is assuming that students get to spend an hour for every unit. As a competency-based online course, you can proceed with the course at your own pace as long as you complete it within 3 months.

What is the total cost of the course?

Enrolling for the course will cost you $950 with a versatile financing plan. You can get the course for much less at $749 if paid for upfront.

What educational pre-requisites are there to enrol for the course?

There are none – the course is fairly brief with no pre-requisites. Practically anyone can enrol for the course even those without secondary education..

Is there an age requirement for taking the course?

None – this short course is open to anyone regardless of age.

Are there any height requirements?

None – there are no such requirements for enrolling in the course. Take note however that some air carriers do have height restrictions for the flight attendants and cabin crews that they employ. Such restrictions will vary from one airline to another.

Suppose that I complete the course – what’s next?

Our course is designed to offer comprehensive training for starters looking to get started in the airline business as a flight attendant or cabin crew. Of course airlines have the sole discretion about the people they employ and what entry requirements to impose.