Units of Study

Our Flight Attendant and Cabin Crew Course Consist of 12 units

The Cabin Crew Profession
  • The Airline Business

Flight Attendants – Perception and Insights
  • Actual Experiences

Airline Services
  • The kinds of airlines
  • Scheduled air services
  • Airline charter service
  • Fly-in Fly-out mining operations
  • Corporate airline services
  • Affordable operators

Details on the Airline Business
  • Time zones
  • Location of airports
  • Airline transmission times
  • Phonetics and number pronunciations

Aircraft Specifics
  • Class of airline aircraft
  • Airplane layout
  • Airplane seating

Aviation Authority and Regulations
  • Global Aviation Authority
  • Local Aviation Authority

Being an Aircraft Cabin Crew
  • All about the cabin crew profession
  • Types of cabin crew
  • The role and duties of a cabin crew

Emergencies and Safety Precautions
  • Hazardous items
  • Air freight regulations
  • Types of hazardous goods
  • Danger labels

Prerequisites for Cabin Crews

What do you need to be a cabin crew?

What makes a good cabin crew?
  • The ability to effectively communicate
  • Dealing with different culture
  • Working as a team
  • Non-visual communication
  • Passenger courtesy

Ticket Processing
  • The kinds of tickets

Pursuing a career in the airline business
  • Getting started
  • Getting an airline job